January 26th 2021: New Attempt

Am still trying to figure this out. Bear with me, it’s making my head spin. But despite that, it’s fun anyway. I’m not sure why I get two black bars on either side of the video. Maybe it’s something I’m doing in After Effects. Right now I’m feeling pretty clueless. But I love the idea of being able to draw the viewers attention to an aspect of the photograph that I think is most interesting, or worthwhile, or odd, or whatever!

All beginnings are difficult.

My dog Flicka out on the trail.

You may have to click on this one below to start it. Still working out the details.


January 20th 2021: Motion Graphics Pan and Scan Assignment

I am not nuts about either of these two. I feel more like I fell into it instead of really knowing what I was doing. I’d like to have more control over the process, but, naturally, that will take time and constant repetition. I become irate with myself if I don’t “get it” on the first go-around, or the second.

I think I’m going to have to disabuse myself of that state of mind and expectation. And is not that a lesson in itself?

You may have to click on these to start them. Still working out the details.

Taken with one of the Nikon D5000 series and a wide angle.
I seem to prefer this one. It feels like the train is pulling away.